A voice in defence of the 1962 war

There are some distressing incidences in the life of a nation. If one were to count such pathetic incidences for India then probably it would include the Second battle of Terai in 1192, Battle of Plassey in 1757, and the latest one, The Sino-India war of 1962. These incidences shattered the collective pride of India. The most recent of these conflicts, the Sino India war also made India loose the perception war. The world started to see India as the aggressor and China, the innocent victim, defending what rightfully belonged to them. Nehru was blamed for aggressive hostile policies towards China (the Forward Policy adopted by him during the ’62 war). Scholar and journalist Neville Maxwell’s book India’s China War, perpetuated this myth for long. Likes of President Nixon and his NSA, Henry Kissenger also subscribed to the views of Maxwell, which largely shaped the narrative regarding Indo- China war and the subsequent bilateral ties..

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Words to fit the beautiful photos

Charismatic is the persona, charming is the aura, showstopper is the presence, decisive is the effect ...all this and more is what Jayalalitha was in her times and after, as an actor, as a screen presence, as a politician, as a chief minister. Having heard all this and more of her in as many ways in as many forms, Vitasta’s pictorial biography, Jayalalitha–a journey, by Papri Sri Raman and Renu Kaul Verma is a fitting tribute to the lonely achiever who strode across male bastions of cinema and politics with aplomb and ease and held her own, imprinting her presence for all time to come..

This painstakingly collated collection of pictures gives the reader an expansive glimpse into the not-so-private life of this popular heroine and politician.

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A beautiful fusion of God and architecture!

India is a country with an infinite number of temples. Because of its history as an ancient land of the Hindus, there is no dearth of temples all over, literally. And they can be ornately designed expensive huge structure or just a small stone kept under a tree on a raised platform, with saffron colour plastered all over. You can find a temple in a deep dense forest, in an uninhibited valley, on hill tops, deep gorges of difficult mountain terrains, in much less populated villages or right on the main road of any bustling Indian city, across the length and breadth of this vast country.

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In computing, another first on future coding

Gary Bronson wrote his first C++ book in 1994 and his first Java book in 2001, that’s seventeen years ago. Most people don’t even know yet what Bitcoin is. While Vijay Mukhi, a long-time teacher of coding, can easily be compared to Bronson and this time one is proud that it is an Indian who has given us the first comprehensive book on new technologies and terms like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain one does wish, the beginning of the book was different. And 40 chapters is a bit unwieldy even for the techiegods.

At the very beginning one is confronted with stuff like: To open the file vijay1.dat, we use a hex editor called Synalyze It! Pro, you can use any hex editor available to you..

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The story of our gut and much more at stake

Heart. Brain. Stomach. Yes, you read that correct! These are the three most important parts in the human body. Unfortunately, while the heart and brain get lots of attention in everyday life and medical school, the stomach (or the gut) is almost always ignored. The lack of attention to the stomach is what motivated German medical student Giulia Enders to write the wonderful book (and international bestseller) Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ.

Enders provides an engaging account of the workings of the human gut and why it is so important to keep it healthy. She covers diverse topics such as saliva (the gateway to the gut), constipation (bowel movement less than three times a week), the link between the brain and the gut (much more than one would expect), and cleanliness (both outside and within the body). Her message is simple, but profound: If you want to live healthy, take care of your gut.

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