The book, In the Game of Love, One step Forward, One step Back was launched on 7 October at India International Centre by former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, followed by a panel discussion on the topic ‘Naari kal aaj aur kal’. Dikshit cited the examples Ramayana and Mahabharata about how in India women have been sacrificing their desires since ages. She pointed out how Sita had to prove her genuineness in front of Ram.
TV Journalist Abhigyan Prakash, participating in the panel discussion said, ‘Men should learn to accept irritation and rejections from women’. He went on at add that women are superior to men.
Former NCW member Shamina Shafiq said in order to ensure gender equity for women, there is a need for reservation for women in legislative bodies.
Author Meenakshi Kumar was of the view men and women are two important pillars of our society and they compliment each other. ‘As gender-defined roles are getting diffused, the woman taking up a career has to bear a double burden’, she noted:
‘This transition is taking a toll on the educated woman, irrespective of the fact whether she is a career woman or a home maker’, she added. The book is about a woman’s dilemma and choices. Novelist Amit Shankar moderated the discussion. Audience enthusiastically participated in the discussion.