Author of Niyogi’s upcoming title, A Decade With Tigers: Supremacy, Solitude, Stripes recently won the YES BANK Natural Capital Awards 2017: Pixel Perfect.
The award was for a photograph included in the title to be released in the month of October (2017).
A Decade with Tigers is a unique tribute to the ‘brand ambassadors’ of Indian Wildlife–Tigers. The volume chronicles legendary tigers (both females and male tigers) of the past decade, as well as their tales of survival, complemented by exquisite images by wildlife photographer Shivang Mehta, who has spent several hours on the field to get the perfect shot. The book also showcases the singular diversity of Indian wildlife through spectacular images of the myriad species that share their home with tigers, photographed in terrains ranging from montane forests to the plains of Central India.
Shivang Mehta is a journalist turned PR professional with experience in corporate communications. His love for nature eventually made him leave the cosy comforts of the corporate office to chase his dreams on the field. He is now an avid traveller and nature photographer, his love for the forests of Kumaon pushed him to choose Corbett as his main area of work

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