The book In Search of Ram Rajya: A Journey Through UP Politics by Manjula Lal was launched in the presence of chief guest Feroze Varun Gandhi, BJP MP from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The author, while interacting with the audience refused to term BJP’s electoral conquest of UP as a Hindutva wave. According to her, this was a mandate by the aspiring youths of Uttar Pradesh who were highly disappointed by the previous governments. She minced no words while taking on those UP politicians who, after being successful in the national politics, have forgotten UP.

Varun Gandhi started his speech with the famous Hindi phrase about UP ‘keval prashna hi prashna hai, uttar nahi.’ He advocated electoral and parliamentary reforms. He gave the example of the American state of Arizona which permitted public funding in elections for the first time. He echoed with the author’s view that the youth today is aspirational. He recalled former Prime Minister Vajpayee’s words, ‘Every politician starts his career with a lie.’

Gandhi further added, ‘In last 10 years, 51 per cent legislations were passed by the Parliament without any debate. Some measures must be adopted to curb frequent parliamentary disruptions.’ He also opposed whip-based voting in the Parliament as it reduces the parliamentarians just into a vote.

The launch was concluded by a trivia game organised by the publisher Readomania Books and the winners were rewarded with gift hampers.