After an overwhelming response in various cities of the country last year, SheThePeople.Tv came back to Delhi this year with its second edition of Women Writers Fest. The likes of Namita Bhandare, Devapriya Roy, Kota Neelima, Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, Mariellen Ward and Gurmehar Kaur among other celebrated women writers joined the stage to discuss and laud 'Women'.

The topics ranged from wellness to sexuality, parenting, gender, feminism, and fashion. The daylong event began with a comparison between past and contemporary form of romanticism and ended with the launch of Sreemoyee Piu Kundu's Status Single which closely explores the life of single women in India. Meanwhile, two separate sessions threw light on the growing number of women writers in the country and how the publishing sector has embraced them over the passage of time respectively.

Unlike last year, the festival saw a higher footfall. However, the idea has remained the same—to celebrate women writers who are breaking new ground in content, style, and storytelling.

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