Title: Lucknow The City of Heritage & Culture: A Walk Through History

AUTHOR: Vipul B Varshney

PHOTOS: Ajaish Jaiswal

PP: 277


Publisher:Niyogi Books

Lucknow, an art city, dates back to the Satyayug period of the Ramayana and was the settlement of then Lakshmanpur. However, its eternal soul and spirit lie in its magnificent monuments.
What makes Lucknow the Ultimate City of Nawabs is its intrinsic characters like its monuments and buildings, its elegant speech and delicacy of etiquette, its marketplaces and restaurants, streets and alleys which together create its undying identity. Lucknow: The City of Heritage & Culture has beautifully captured the essence of this 18th Century City through photographs and detailed information on almost everything Lucknavi.

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