Vasudha Mohanka

Title: Study in Australia Planner

AUTHOR: Shahina Khan

PP: 230


Publisher:Vitasta Publishing

Shahina Khan’s Study in Australia Planner is a very useful preparatory tool for students aspiring to pursue further education in Australia. Khan recognises the differences and complexities both in the dissemination of information and the receipt and assimilation of such information by students. The SiA planner assists in decision making, course selection, process of admission, creating a visa file, planning for funds, preparing a Statement of Purpose and many other details. It gives a snapshot of ‘situations and facts’ that may affect the students’ academic performance. The planner is a helpful guiding tool not just for aspiring Indian students who plan to pursue education in Australia, but also to counsellors and institutions helping them.
Organised into five sections and 41 chapters, the book includes formats for important documentation that can be personalised and approved from the assigned counsellor.
Section 1 introduces the numerous resources in Australia that Indian students must be aware of before applying for higher education. It details the why, where and what to study in Australia. It helps when to begin planning for studying in Australia and helps reconcile choices through the decision making questions.
Section 2 helps better plan the admission process including the preparation of documents such as the Statement of Purpose (SoP) and the letter of recommendation, experience letter and filling forms and applications. It shares important facts to expedite the admission process.
Section 3 details information related to facts and aspects of the visa application, the Genuine and Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria, finances and reasons for rejection of visa application. A chapter for students who are married, addresses application criteria for their spouse(s). Section 4 assists students to work towards their move to Australia— their travel, accommodation, food and clothing.
Section 5 deals with important aspects students need to be aware of before moving to Australia, especially cultural differences, emotional changes, time commitment and the finances.
The planner is an excellent resource for students who play a pivotal role in planning their own educational and career path. The planner as the author mentions, is a useful bridge between the student and the counsellor helping the student in the application process. It takes into account the Indian sociocultural context and helps prepare the students through addressing minute details from the application process to the change in environment and lifestyle as well as covering details like part time job opportunities. The checklists in each section and chapter area are very useful guideline to understand the criteria fulfilled and those missing.
The only thing that I wish the planner covered in somewhat more detail would have been the multiculturalism in Australia. While Khan does mention it briefly when talking about culture, food and lifestyle, some more detail on that would be greatly helpful.
(Vasudha Mohanka is a PhD student in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry at the University of Wollongong in Australia.

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