The Annual Conference for The Federation of Indian Publishers was held at the Ashok Hotel on 9 December. The conference was chaired by its President N K Mehra. Hon Secretary Naveen Gupta said, ‘It is because of the endeavours of the federation that a large section of the book trade and publishing industry was kept out of the new GST regime’.

Naveen Gupta also spoke the federation’s initiative in with ISBN portal and application issues. He announced that the federation will host an International Publishers Congress in 2018.

Mehra apprised the members that the federation represented India in the AGM of IPA held at Frankfurt Book Fair this year. Issues related to the publishing industry including the new NCERT circular were also discussed. Hon Treasurer Ashok Gupta tabled the audit report for the financial year 2015-16. All the incumbent office bearers and members of the executive were unanimously re-elected through voice vote.